Kira and the Immigrant Thief

Kira McInness isn’t just the new kid in school, she’s the new kid in country. Before moving to live in Madrid, Kira had been expelled three times in three years. If it happens again, it´s a girl´s school for her. Spain is a far cry from life on the California coast, but Kira is strong-willed, smart-mouthed and brave-hearted – the only problem is, those things don’t always go down to well in the classroom. Or on the street, as she discovers when a juvenile pickpocket steals her one new friend’s earrings. Kira gives chase through the twisting alleys of the city and, maybe, into real trouble.

Tracking the thief to a stash of stolen goods, Kira leads the police to the evidence only to find they have arrested the wrong person! With a small group of friends and members of the local Moroccan community, she sets out to make up for her mistakes and right an injustice before it goes too far – finding out about herself in the process. It’s time for Kira to grow up. But for others, the stakes could be much, much higher…2015 EEPIC WinnerDesert_Breeze_Ad_Banner_with_URL


Jack Rabbit in the Painted Desert

“When Jack first arrived in the desert with his paintbrush and his easel he knew he had found his home.”

So begins Jack Rabbit and the Painted Desert, a romp through scenes of the American Southwest, beautifully illustrated by artist Rebecca Guerra. Jack Rabbit in the Painted Desert is an illustrated story told in the style of a folktale. Jack immigrates to the desert and strives to adapt but he encounters resistance from a sneaky snake, a recalcitrant road-runner and a testy tortoise. Ultimately, Jack’s persistence and positive attitude are rewarded, for he is unwilling to hold a grudge and forgives the desert dwellers who plotted against him.

Jack Rabbit and the Painted Desert, a bilingual picture book, tackles the themes of intolerance and acceptance, subjects emphasized today in values lessons in classrooms worldwide.

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