The Bakery in Kira´s Plaza Mayor

Casa de la Panaderia (the bakery house), which constitutes most of the north side of Plaza Mayor, was included in Felipe II’s original plans for the plaza in 1619. Kira, the main character of my novel, would have noticed Carlos Franco’s mythical paintings, painted on the Panaderia’s façade in 1992. Luckily, she wouldn’t have realized that the bakery was used as a warehouse for grain during Felipe’s reign and that the bread was regularly thrown to the crowds during public executions. We stroll through the plaza daily and fail to notice any human rights violations that would stir Kira’s ire, unless it is a parched tourist overindulging in a pitcher of Sangria.


One thought on “The Bakery in Kira´s Plaza Mayor

  1. The photos are great and they are just as you describe them in Kira. I love the book, her character and the multi-cultural tone of your novel. It is completely natural yet compelling. If only the world could be like Kira and her friends

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